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Celebrating 90 years of everyday life & adventure!

Today Widerøe is celebrating 90 years and is Norway's oldest aviation group!

Today Widerøe is celebrating 90 years and is Norway's oldest aviation group!

On February 19 1934, Viggo Widerøe, together with four enthusiastic friends, founded Widerøe's Flyveselskap AS at Ingierstrand outside Oslo, Norway. In the early years the business mainly focused on taxi, ambulance, training, and aerial photography flights.

From the 1950s, the activity increased significantly, with seaplane routes in Northern Norway contributing to a increase in revenue along with the technical workshop operation at Fornebu, Oslo. Seaplane activity was replaced by land routes after the Norwegian authorities decided to establish short-field airports in rural areas. In 1968, the first four short-field airports were opened on the route between Bodø and Trondheim.

In 1970, Widerøe was reorganized as the company aimed to play a leading role in the development of rural flight routes. The business idea of pure route operation was realized by the infusion of new capital, which led to strong and increasing growth. Viggo Widerøe's dream of becoming the lifeline of rural Norway was a realized.

Today Widerøe group is 90 years old and consists of Widerøe's Flyveselskap AS, Widerøe Ground Handling AS, Widerøe Technical Services AS, Widerøe Property AS, and Widerøe Asset AS. Widerøe AS is a subsidiary of the Norwegian Group.

The Widerøe Group has over 3,500 dedicated employees after the subsidiary Widerøe Ground Handling AS (WGH) took over ground handling services for SAS Ground Handling at all airports in Norway (except OSL) in 2016. Today Widerøe Ground Handling AS is providing ground handling services in Norway to domestic and international airlines from all over the world.

"With the heart in the clouds and feet on the ground”, we look forward to the next 90 exciting years in the aviation industry.

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