Ground Handling

Widerøe Ground Handling is a long-established Norwegian airport Ground handler and is the biggest handler in Norway. On the ground, you can rely on our expertise to take the best possible care of both your passengers, cargo and aircraft. We always ensure a seamless experience, with safety and on-time performance as our main priority. Our full range of ground handling services include:

Passenger and baggage handling

Our staff is fully trained and highly motivate. We are able to tailor make solutions to airline customer needs. The passenger experience is seamless and efficient using enhanced technology and WGH is constantly exploring and developing new and more effective digital solutions. Our goal is to optimize the passenger process with the goal to be more effective and streamlined.

Ramp Services

Our experienced ramp staff are trained & ready to deliver high quality and safe ramp services to all type of aircrafts. Our Ground Support Equipment is wide in variety and maintained to the highest standards. All turnaround processes are documented with our digital solutions.

Station Supervision

Our quality assurance staff are fully trained auditors. At whatever level of station supervision is required, we are able to tailor make supervision to your needs at your out stations.

Flight Operations Crew transportation and administration

We will take good care of your air crew when they are away from their home base, leaving them fully rested and supported for their upcoming flight duties.

Load Control

With our own staff or a subcontracted supplier of we can offer complete load control services. All services are according to industry standards.


Widerøe Ground Handling is also a fully licensed cleaning company. We provide aircraft cabin cleaning and disinfection with our own staff or subcontracted from independent quality cleaning providers.


We can offer catering liaison support with your catering supplier or if needed deliver Catering handling services ourselves.

PRM Services

Widerøe Ground Handling understand the importance of providing equal service to everyone, which is why we are the single biggest provider of assistance services in Norway outside of Oslo Airport, and why we will continue our commitment to accessibility for everyone.